want to COMPLETE a goal? quick tip #1

Do you have a vision for your life? A crazy dream? That maybe no one else can grasp but yourself and only at certain moments?

I BELIEVE in YOUUUUUU! Here’s a tip that I learned from will smith!!

He said something along the lines of.. if you want to build a brick wall you don’t just say it and build it.. you use one brick at a time and place it in the best way a brick can be placed!! And you do that each day until your ggoal is reached.

Write out your dream..

Draw your dream..

Eat sleep think your dream..

And do something everyday for your dream..


Of course some days you won’t want to continue but you just got to remember WHY you started.. reflect on your dream.. and you will train yourself to the point where you feel a heavier burden by not pushing through.. it will become so graceful and easy.. trust me.. it will.. it will bring a joy.. some days won’t be pretty but by pushing through those fruits bigger lessons and blessings on blessings on blessings (;


Love you fam!

Nía solvig aguilera



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